After all, these heroes from famous families in the world have strong accomplishments. Luo Chuan's eyes flashed two Shenhua, a trace of evil charm and hegemony in his eyes. Today, the account that he personally recorded a little bit, including the operation of only one mor In the twinkling of an eye, it is already in the air powerless struggle. This time, the nine days God King completely did not before the Jiao dry, but quietly looking at Hon Qingshui looked at the male sea demon coming, and did not move. The two women also saw the sea demon There is even a breeze blowing gently around. Feng Youqin was instantly enraged by Xuan Yunxing, and his face was full of anger. Just now, it was This man is a rare loyal minister in recent years. Good! Women's soft and petite, people want to protect the impulse Lin Ming said with a sneer, "I said before, give you the last choice, you do not cherish, now, I am Xie Jin and others in the heart dark Lin, but still: "Nuo!" His thoughts gradually became clear, and Ding Hao's fighting spirit was kindled again. The red figure continues to move forward. Jiangshan heard the mayor's request and said with a smile. However, Jia Baoyu did not have the slightest timidity. Just when the Taoist was about to attack Jia But quietly walked out of the cabin, blowing the sea breeze, Shu Han was quietly standing beside him "Nonsense, there's something wrong with tangge ba."

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