"How to distribute our treasures in peace!" On the edge of a clear stream stood a scarred woman. The shrill cry sounded, which made people creepy. Even the top expert felt his body cold, like falli Zhang Debiao has agreed to hand over Zhangwu to himself. Seeing this, Zhang Debiao is relieved, This time, when he replenishes and recovers his energy, his soul consciousness wanders and once agai Liu Qingyu explained the whole story in detail. After that, he said, What he hates the most is fighting with such high IQ people. Many strange races choose the abyss as their hunting place. We're back at the temple of Paradise Island. "No, we're here to register for marriage." Before leaving the palace, there were voices of discussion among the crowd. Some people recognized t "According to the tianjianmen elder's calculation, it should be within half a year. Now more tha He and Fang shallow language are also on the scene. These bodyguards changed their faces and ran after them without thinking. Cai Jing still just looked back at Liang Shicheng and coldly replied, "because it involves military The last murmur seemed to express dissatisfaction, but the tone of dissatisfaction was not heard at "Fool, Mr. Bao is the first gentleman in the world. He doesn't have a few brushes mixed with woo She was enjoying it, but I was laughing bitterly.

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