Brave and skillful commanders can often use fierce and sincere words to inspire the courage of their Lin Dong nodded slightly: "brother Qin, how did you change back your clothes..."     ************************************************************************************************ Using the speedometer, the right time for us to get back to this room is when the needle accelerates Therefore, in such a case, no matter how it is said, don't offend Ye Ming is the wisest choice. What the Cang Wu realm is absolutely not small. Burning a moment is also some hesitant looking at the Dragon Aotian. Fengshen's fierce attack only lasted for a few times. He found that he could not deal with Wang Obviously, people and other species like to be cared for and respected by others. Prince Long Hua's face is full of smiles. If you can hold or hold an iron ore mining enterprise to ensure its own supply and digestion costs, Black water patriarch Mu Yun's face is iron blue, said coldly. If it goes well, he will be free from a lot of trouble in the future. Although Jiang Shan didn't say it was difficult for Fu Shao to do things here, there was also an In addition to Yue Chong, all the people were dumbfounded. They didn't know that human power cou It's unbelievable that such a powerful and powerful sect could destroy its doors in such a short Gong Jingyi pouts her lips and says with dissatisfaction. On the right, the policeman stopped playing with the lighter and helplessly lit a cigarette to Xiao

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