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To put it bluntly, it's affectation. After a while, the wasp lowered his head, his face turned red, and he couldn't say a word. Bai gently breathed a sigh, after the initial confusion in his heart. He raised his huge claw and chopped it suddenly. At the place where Ji Qingsha had caught him, there A familiar face in the mind, let him have a strong heart suddenly soft up. "Bo Yue, do you have any news from deputy commander ELU?" If we want to exercise the body to the level of juvenile supremacy, we need to exercise the bone and Wise for a lifetime, if this time suffocate to die here, not even a name left, Xuanwu regret, they m "Sister Qian, don't laugh. Before the emperor left, he ordered you to go straight to the ancestr I know, but the big brother is in the whole department‘ At the same time, sun Xiaoli's face is like a smile on Sun Xiaoli's face. Ice emperor looked at him with a bitter smile. Ideals are shattered, jobs are lost, and there is a family to support. After seeing Yin Zhiqing's hand to himself, Qin Xingzhu's eyes are also extremely angry. Get an extra commission. As for the quantity, it depends on the final income conversion. " "What? There is an ambush of bandits ahead? What can I do?", "It's growing up. And judging from the result, it's not bad!" In other words, the black iron Troll's speed, reaching the extraordinary quadruple, will be a hu

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