With an angry face and a deep voice, the queen blocked the second lady's explanation to her mout In order to prevent the outside world from discovering this place, the owner of this place did not e "The goddess was so in his arms, hateful, really hateful!" Xiaozhu is not cowardly this time, but gnashing his teeth, very resentful. Anyway, it's not a bad thing to have a date with a beautiful woman. "Captain fan, representing an Apollo of the sun's choice!" Two clear chirp of cranes came, two thin cranes actually from the ring space out of the sky to the s Lingyue's attitude is firm, so she says. It is decided that as soon as dawn arrives, it will go to Sanjue palace. "Disciple quit" two people immediately bowed out of the hall. Guan Yu was overjoyed and said, "OK, get up." "Chen Jiu..." Bi Yao cried out anxiously. Her stern eyes seemed to be saying that if you want to cho Lin Sheng finished and hung up without waiting for vice president Wang to speak again. However, this time, they were faced with Ye Ming, and their good friends had nothing to hold on to. Until Dudu's phone rings, Dudu picks up the phone and looks at it. Because murongyu controls the rules of space and time more advanced than them. Just half a minute later, with a bang, a huge piece of ice flew out of the sea. The enemy will not be able to kill your team's small crisp is not necessarily.

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