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The five hegemonic forces are here to hunt and kill ancient animals. "My sister can't mistake people. You're not that kind of person." The ancient god of prison sea sneered, and the other two half step gods also laughed lightly. Su Hao fought against Jiu and Feng many times, but the result was also a complete defeat! Hearing Tang Yu's words, Qiang Yu's third brother is very nervous, and quickly reaches out h Today, with the Blood Sword battle, he personally experienced the horror of the innate martial arts When Wang Dong looks at the primordial animals, a short haired boy in a black uniform runs to the in When they heard Liuqin's words, they all brightened their eyes and quickly echoed them. Yue Chong looked at the shopkeeper and said with a loud smile. This stone giant has the fighting instinct given by Li Hao, and his sense of danger is even stronger Luo is also the only terror creature in the world. The bigger the size and the stronger the strength What identity of the three demon kings, she actually pulled a piece of gambling up, and look at the Yue Chong never made any action. He didn't even wipe the blood on his face. He kept pouring wine Seeing that the elevator was empty, Liu Yuwei reached out her hand and asked, "Mr. Lu, this way, ple Seeing Han Shizhong change the topic wisely, Xiao Yan's face relaxed, A famous Jurchen Jia turned over and fell down. With the corpse puppet who is equivalent to two star martial master, Cai Rong knows that he has no w Commander in chief looked at Hu Hao with emotion and said.

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