Seeing Merlin suspicious, Eldo bit his teeth, Old Jim, helpless to look at Li Han, had to go to the office to deliver two barrels of hank manor. In the first three hedges, the two sides lost only three or five hundred people in total. Chen Jiu then hastened to remind: "if other people also come to share, it will not be your turn!" Ma Qingfeng suddenly frowned and said with a smile, "Mr. Wang, I'm going to ask for a leave toda "I don't know your senior name? This time, I captured Nanli for Tianchen Buzhou, which is really "Stop it? How can I do this? I dissect a living dragon for the first time in my life. Don't you There are 14 soldiers in the passage. These soldiers are definitely well-trained and elite soldiers, This secret treasure was made by Yang Kai. Later, it was improved by the great master of refining ut The head of the cold sword eyebrows wrinkled. There was a roar from behind, and the cavalry suddenly sped into the enemy line. If you can't stop each other from having babies, how about today's work? Yu river suddenly opened his mouth and said to Qingshui. "Ye Tianji, you killed all the people in my nether temple?" He suddenly found that the strength of Lu black and white was not lost to himself. However, at this time, an extremely strong breath of death suddenly enveloped him. The infinitely beautiful back is more and more far away, gradually disappearing in the distant city "Boy, how can I feel the faint ancient beast breath in you?"

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